Reasons Happen for a Thing

We're all trying to connect the dots into a new normal as the pandemic fog starts to lift. Clearly, some of what's already upon us will take time to leave and some things will never be the same. While much is uncertain, we think it best to assume COVID-19 will be a factor for some time to come and we need to start focusing on how to move ahead, how to get back to living as fully as possible in the face of this challenge.

As Timber House Resort owners, Michele and I have seen our lives turn upside down. Like everyone, we had our struggles before the pandemic. Aging relatives with health problems, family losses and tragedy have been central for a number of years with us. We were already feeling overwhelmed. Then came COVID-19. 

Before the pandemic, we'd already started transforming the Timber House Resort into a waterfront trailer hotel where we offer a complete spectrum of short and longer term accommodations, great hospitality, amenities and experiences. 

We're implementing an entirely new model for rural resorts called Net Zero Resorts. With Net Zero Resorts, trailer parks equitably share the resort with tourists alongside traditional seasonal uses. NZR adds hotel-style and Air B'nB-style accommodation in selected, specially adapted shelter (trailers, caravans, cabins, etc) along with great new amenities and infrastructure, including adaptation to and mitigation of climate change impacts.

Adding premium overnight occupancy produces high multiples of seasonal site revenue that helps fund new infrastructure, amenities and experiences for tourists and current occupants alike.

Why are we doing this? While we have always operated as a commercial business, the length of our operating season has led some of our current owners to take the position that they are residential tenants. We'd always tried to remind our customers this was not our intention and is not permitted under our zoning. Further, we firmly believe resorts like ours are a crucial part of the rural fabric and must operate as the prime recreational properties they are

As a result, we have taken steps in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) to eventually terminate all of the existing tenancies, in order to formally convert the use of the property to commercial use. We're doing this to protect the viability of our business but are trying, as much as possible, to do our best to respect our trailer owners' needs. We've indicated we'll work to defer termination dates to allow longer stays, where possible, under mutually workable terms.

The arrival of the COVID pandemic has simply escalated our focus and urgency. This is a difficult transition for everyone, and we've continued to work with our owners as best we can, to navigate this change in the face of the pandemic. Hopefully we'll look back and see the pandemic became a beacon that encouraged collaboration in common cause to respond, recover and find new paths.

Maybe now, we're seeing the reasons starting to happen for this thing called the pandemic. It's forcing us all to look again, in the glare of the pandemic's spotlight, at how we're acting. It's forcing us all to reflect on the 'why' of it all and the deeper messages we should get from it about how to adapt to a rapidly changing world, on being conscious about what we're seeking and how we should 'be', with others and with nature.

Oddly enough, we think some of the answers can be found right here in our trailer park. We see the transition of the Timber House Resort to operations under our new Net Zero Resorts system as a beginning, on a foundation of integrity, where we're creating a new place for the curation of safely shared experiences, creativity, camaraderie, and connection with nature.

The Timber House Resort, operating under the Net Zero Resorts model, is about seeking a balancing of adverse impacts, and seeking abundance, generosity and sustainability.  

Come join us, for a visit, or for much more!