Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Booking Confirmations: Any booking with a check-in date 30 days or further in the future is subject to follow-up confirmation from us. We will respond, typically within 24 hours, to confirm your initial booking or to confirm any subsequent changes you request. We follow this policy in order to make it possible for you to rapidly book accommodations and experiences for you and your group without the cumbersome effort typical hotel booking systems require.
  2. Rate Adjustments: Group accommodation rates are subject to adjustment upon check-in based on the actual occupants for each unit of accommodation. Participants in a group can easily change. Accommodation booking is subject to our cancelation policy terms.
  3. Check-In Policy: You may check in after 1:00PM at any time until 11PM. Please let us know roughly when you will be arriving by replying to this email or contacting us at 877-475-3304 or 613-475-3304 so we can coordinate your check-in. A contact card is on the front desk and posted in the front entrance. It has a phone number and email address for immediate voice, text or email contact with us if we are not on hand to receive you, or if you are unable to set up an arrival time in advance. In case you aren't able to coordinate your check-in with us, you will find a self-check-in package at the front counter when you arrive. The self-check-in package provides a registration form to sign. It provides a room key and information to allow you to find your room, and let you know about our amenities, including internet, coffee/tea and other items for your comfort.
  4. Cancelations:  Must be made 48 hours prior to arrival to receive a refund (early check outs are subject to 48 hour cancelation policy). All early departures or cancelations that are paid by check will be refunded on the 10th of the following month. A $15.00 handling fee will be deducted from all deposits or charged credit cards for cancellation.
  5. Reservation Changes: To make any changes to this reservation, please contact us by replying to this email or by calling us at (877) 475-3304 or 613-475-3304.
  6. Questions & Feedback: Please contact us with any questions or feedback at or by calling us at (877) 475-3304 or 613-475-3304.