The Net Zero Resort Trailer Owner Experience

Net Zero Resort Waterfront Trailer Hotel

We're a new kind of resort - literally a waterfront hotel built on a trailer park. We're a fun couples, family and friend 'venue' with ample accommodation, and great outdoor spaces. We're the very first Net Zero Resorts property, combining great hospitality, cuisine, fun and experiences, along with traditional seasonal uses and hotel accommodations in beautifully renovated trailers and main-building guest rooms. 

Our trailer owners and other resort guests enjoy a uniquely authentic connection to our local culture and cuisine, freely mixing while enjoying epic views of Presqu’ile and Prince Edward County. Our Rendezvous hospitality offering brings it all together, providing the venue, the dining and the experiences for all to enjoy. 

Seasonal trailer owners in Net Zero Resorts parks are integral to the experience at our properties. They represent continuity and connection with our traditions and values. These owners use their trailer seasonally, just like in any other trailer park. But, unlike other resorts, they have the comfort of the Net Zero Resorts business model.

Net Zero Resorts Business Model

Net Zero Resorts Business Model *Conditions Apply

As the resort develops, a larger number of hotel trailers will be needed. The quantity will be a function of our ongoing dialogue with our trailer owners to seek an optimal balance between seasonal and hotel trailers in the park.  Our model is built around the idea of managing this balance over time by aiming, when feasible, for the business to renovate and re-use existing trailers for this purpose.

This provide's an exit option for buyers in the park with a pre-determined purchase price for the trailer, should the owner wish to sell and the Timber House be able to buy. Owners will always have the option of selling to a new third party, subject to the terms in the NZR Rental contract, at any time, up to the closing date/time for any purchase offer from the Timber House Resort. The purchase by the Timber House Resort and the associated price are not guaranteed and are subject to terms and conditions, as established from time to time.

Through this mechanism, Net Zero Resorts aims to produce superior customer satisfaction, greater overall business performance, and most importantly, a new sustainable model for rural resort operation that builds durable, satisfying and fulfilling recreational experiences for the years to come.

Owners will have a minimum of 10 years to enjoy and improve their trailer as much as they wish while remaining in compliance with the NZR rental contract. All trailer improvements, if performed in compliance with NZR standards, will enjoy an elevated exit option purchase price for the trailer, again subject to certain terms and conditions, should the owner want to exit ownership and not be able to find another buyer. Our objective over the initial 10 years is to create multiple reasons for another 10 years, consistent with our Net Zero Resorts sustainable, circular economy goals of working to minimize adverse impacts for stakeholders and seeking mutual shared benefit where possible.

NZR Aims to Improve Trailer Value Through Mutual Focus & Effort (Conditions Apply)


We aim to consistently create enjoyment and satisfaction for our customers, regardless of the type of services they consume. Within this, a key aim is to maintain a focus on our trailer owners to encourage their support and positive recommendations as the NZR brand extends to additional properties. Our owners  will be offered preferential rates, exclusive services and assistance to improve their trailers to assist with protecting and ideally increasing their value. Our owners may also be provided opportunities for passive investment participation.

The foundation of our relationship with trailer owners is a mutual goal to ultimately renovate all trailers in the park into a commercial grade asset that, to the extent we're successful, will appreciate in value as the model demonstrates its capability to generate earnings while satisfying and delighting our customers. This aim will assist to establish the self-replication of the model and its profit and investment performance by attracting NZR adoption by other parks.

NZR is designed to encourage "snowball-effect" value creation through our aim for shared purpose between trailer and resort owners. We believe trailer values will have a much better chance to grow if we can establish and maintain this shared purpose. Protecting trailer value before Net Zero Resorts was like Sisyphus rolling a boulder up hill. We say choose the snowball!


This will allow us to:

  • Rapidly scale the offering;
  • Reduce the impact of fixed costs; and to
  • Create a return for trailer owners through improved trailer value; and
  • Create a profitable NZR business built on mutual support and understanding between trailer owners and resort owners and our other guests and customers of all types.

Our Park Model owners are long-term partners in the development of the Timber House Resort. Join us!

Current owner's listings for trailers available for purchase can be found on our site way-finding map. Make an offer on our online marketplace for any of the trailers we have listed. Trailer listings on our marketplace are managed by the current owner of each trailer. You communicate directly with the current trailer owner when you enquire about the price for their trailer or any details about it. You can conclude your deal for the trailer directly with the current owner, subject to Timber House Resort review of the offer details. 

Listed with each owner's trailer you will find the corresponding Site Entry Fee and NZR Rental contract for that particular site. These vary from site to site. Trailer buyers must apply to the Timber House Resort to execute the NZR Rental Contract and pay the Site Entry Fee for the trailer to remain on its site in the park after October 31, 2020.

When you purchase a trailer in the park, you may assume the residual period of any existing lease. All renewals, if offered after the end of existing leases, will likely be based on the NZR Rental Contract, which we should have available for signing by October 31, 2020.

The anticipated terms and conditions of the NZR Rental Contract are available here, but are subject to change.

There's nothing binding in submitting an online price offer/query. It is only a request for the owner to consider a proposed price for the trailer. All trailer purchase transactions and NZR entry fee transactions must be mutually accepted by the appropriate parties and completed in person.