About Us

Hi and Welcome!


Dave Dingle is the owner of the Timber House Resort and has been for over 30 years. Glad you found us, finally! I hope you'll come back again and again to enjoy the experiences our team has developed for your enjoyment. We aim to bring groups together to create exceptional experiences and memories. Our offerings are designed to connect our visitors with the authentic spirit of our locale and the people who live here.

Hope to meet you at some point in your stay!

I'm Jordan Johnston. I'm the General Manager of the Timber House Resort. I also coordinate our event and experience offerings. I've delivered 100's of flawless wedding, corporate and friend group events in my, almost 10 years here at the the Timber House Resort. I'm your contact point for scheduling, pricing and planning. Dave and Lucy are my backups when I'm swamped! 

And I'm Lucy Johnston. I'm the Innkeeper and Executive Chef at the Timber House Resort. I take care of your guest experience, especially when it comes to your guest accommodations and our culinary offerings, including our new Rendezvous Airstream hospitality station. I'm your contact point if there's anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Dave and Jordan are my backups when I'm swamped! 

The Timber House Resort keeps getting better and we'd like to share it all with you! We're a new kind of resort - literally a hotel built on a trailer park. We're a fun couples, family and friend event venue with ample accommodation, great indoor and outdoor spaces, and unforgettable experiences awaiting!

Timber House Resort offers locally-themed hotel rooms, hotel rooms in trailers and seasonal trailers you can own! We're located on epic Lake Ontario waterfront in Brighton, Ontario. Our amenities, unique experiences and events are tailored to couples, families and groups.



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