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May you be happy, may you be strong, may you belong. 

Connection with family, friends and loved ones while surrounded by nature is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. If you're looking for a cottage, Timber House Resort just might be a better choice. 

The pandemic has brought waves of buyers wanting a safe getaway where distancing and recreation and connection can coexist. We think finding a safe getaway in these times should be an opportunity to find deeper meaning and new paths towards fulfillment. If COVID-19 and climate change are mother nature's way of pushing us towards a spiritual and economic tipping point, the opportunity is to be a part of the change, to re-vitalize and seek sustainable wellness, growth and connection.

Our brand new waterfront hotel trailer park builds on these ideas to create a foundation for happiness and trust that conjures the truest sense of belonging. Here, it’s not about being rich or wealthy, it’s about abundance that can be shared safely with extended family, friends and a like-minded community. We've built the protocols and practices here to create this.  

Sound exciting? Come to the Timber House Resort for a visit, a dinner or an overnight with us! Get to know how we roll, then consider buying a trailer! 

Offering connection with nature at its best!

Net Zero Resorts Trailer Owner Benefits 

Great hospitality, cuisine, fun and experiences, along with traditional seasonal trailer uses and our CAA 3-Diamond hotel. Our Rendezvous Hospitality offering brings it all together, providing the venue, the dining and the experiences for all to enjoy.

Net Zero Resorts Benefits

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Extraordinary opportunity with a pre-renovation Park Model ready for renovation on Site 6. This rendering shows the renovation plan included in the sale!

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