The Net Zero Resorts Platform

2020 is not canceled! The FREE* & Profitable Future of Rural Hospitality
Join us to tap the largest opportunity (ever) to attract new, local tourism business and keep it!
Our Net Zero Resorts platform is available for recreational resort properties, airBnB's, and other hospitality-focused businesses looking to reduce operating costs, eliminate third party reservation expenses and develop new sources of revenue. 
We're especially focused on the many, many tourism/hospitality businesses who have seen their businesses devastated by the Covid pandemic and the ongoing restrictions. Our solution is built on commonly available software that we will freely* share with any third parties who are interested. (*Conditions and third party software costs apply. Please contact us for details.)
We believe in Right to Repair, which quite simply is our way of saying that each of us must personally take on the challenge of creating a new, better reality for our businesses. We believe we cannot wait for government to help, although help is much needed, always welcomed and always appreciated. We can see government moving forward, but needing assistance, needing clarity on how to proceed. Unfortunately-interlocking regulations and politics make this difficult. 
With the Net Zero Resorts platform we can repair the damage Covid has done and move towards a sustainable new normal. We see common cause with all others disadvantaged, and would like to work together to seek our 'Right to Repair'.To do our part in that common cause, we offer our basic unbranded platform technology free* of charge. (*Conditions and third party software costs apply. Please contact us for details.)
For the greatest mutual benefit, we invite nearby AirBnB properties and small businesses to join our Joint Venture to participate with the Timber House Resort in using the branded Net Zero Resorts platform with our #SafeStay protocols.  You're on our platform as you read this! Please click around the site to see more!
Key Features
  • Reservations, appointments and deliveries
  • Group experience canvas
  • Marketplace solution for third party AirBnB operators
  • Marketplace solution for Pop-up event operators
  • #SafeStay protocol contracts
  • Covid Screening and contact tracing for bookings
  • Shopping cart application
  • Full online payment and electronic commerce
  • Social media integrations with UpViral and more
  • Broadband telecom solutions coming

Calling Developers

  • Looking for a new gig?
  • Software is eating the world. Let's integrate what's out there!
  • Contact tracing app integration and AI integration are our main focus at present!

Contact Dave Dingle @ 416-576-1691 or reach out via our contact form!