Getting to Know Us (Blog post from our old website dated 2018/05/04)

There are so many improvements and exciting initiatives happening. Especially if you've visited us before, we'd love to let you know what's been happening. We want you to come and stay in our unique hotel to experience our authentic blend of local hospitality and cuisine. In particular, we want you to experience our near-to-year-round Park Model Trailer beach resort. For years now we've been quietly building this resort into an innovative hospitality offering that inspires visitors with its charm and the exciting possibilities it offers to be part of a truly new way of getting away from it all.

Timber House Resort has been around now for 29 years. In the early days we operated as a Park Model trailer resort on one of the most beautiful beaches in one of the most charming areas along the Great Lakes. Then we added an intimate hotel that has delighted couples, families and countless wedding and event guests as it has grown and matured. This place has a special energy, it offers peace and inspiration from its unique combination of authenticity, natural beauty and the camaraderie of sharing it with others.

We offer feel-good holiday getaways that might change your life. We offer connection in remarkable ways to our locale and the people that live here . But be careful, you might not want to leave. And if you want to stay, we have something really exciting to offer. 

There are people who find their way here and don't want to leave. Lots of those. We also attract a fair number of visitors who are looking for a more conventional hotel and are surprised. We want all the surprises here to be good ones and we're working on raising our profile and reaching out to everyone who might come so they know more about us and the truly exciting possibilities we offer. Look for more posts like this where we'll tell you more.